Our Mission

With EasySlim, our mission is to help people across the world to lose weight and live healthier lifestyles through our simple and natural system. With this focus, we are confident our method will enable EasySlim to be a leading weight loss system in the world to help people who developed a dependency on eating. The Easy Slim method is designed to help people to stick to a healthy balanced diet.

How EasySlim started

The EasySlim concept was developed from some of our IQS customers who kept on asking if there isn’t something that works for weight loss as well as IQS works to quit smoking.

Since auricular therapy can be applied to treat a myriad of problems, weight loss being just one of them, it was simply a matter of time before the EasySlim therapy was developed and it is now available to IQS therapy centres as well as existing businesses in Wellness and Beauty industry looking to add an additional income stream.

System & Technology

The EasySlim’s technology is based on Auricular Therapy utilising the effective RISE concept which is non invasive and totally safe. The EasySlim treatments take approximately 40 minutes per session (12 sessions in total) and is administered by an EasySlim trained therapist over a 4 – 6 week period.  During this time the customer will lose up to 10% of body weight and has comfortably changed their eating habits to continue losing weight and to keep it off.

Through EasySlim cutting edge technology and program, a personalised program is now available to help those who have tried many methods but could not lose and maintain weight.

There is nothing worse than cutting out all the food you like, exercise daily and still not lose weight!

Each person is different and with EasySlim each customer’s best diet type is scientifically profiled. Only food types that has high impact on your weight needs to be eliminated, no need to cut out food that has minimal impact on your weight loss.  A best exercise program is also scientifically determined. So many people excise hard without any results. With EasySlim the correct amount and intensity of exercise is identified and hours of unnecessary blood sweat and tears are spared.

Based on the personalised program, the EasySlim therapist would stimulate meridian points of the Auricles (outer Ears) pertaining to weight loss, metabolism, anxiety and stress with a stimulus pen.

The electrical stimulation helps to create an inhibition of the appetite’s centre through an increased release of endorphins in the body. At the same time the metabolism is raised to burn more calories.  This is capped off with a bonus result, endorphins also result in calmness and contentment and the customer for the first time, finds it is Easy to Slim down and live with a toned and more beautiful and glamorous shape.

How To Lose Weight…..

EasySlim is a brand new technology in Southern Africa with a pilot centre open for last 12 months in Windhoek, Namibia.  The EasySlim business is now available for Entrepreneurs to add to their IQS centre, existing wellness business, Gym, Spa, Beauty Salon or the like.

Contact us on info@easyslim-sa.com or fill and submit the application form on the Business opportunity link:  Become ES Business Owner