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Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death, with six people dying each minute from smoking-related illnesses. Obesity is following closely behind.

According to the World Health Organization, one quarter of the South Africa’s population over 15 year old smokes (8,25 million) which equates to more than 120 million cigarettes smoked everyday. These statistics help define I Quit Smoking’s target market of 1.3 million smokers spending approximately R 45 million per day on cigarettes.

Despite the various smoking cessation options available to smokers today, many smokers still struggle to quit successfully and remain smoke free.

IQS offers a proven method to quit comfortably with a very high probability to remain smoke free. IQS’ success rate to quit and be smoke free in the week of up to 90 percent is significantly higher than any other smoking cessation method available worldwide.  Our program includes personalised therapy, consultation, education and customer care service to ensure our customers achieve the elusive smoke free life.

With that said, IQS is looking to develop a network of 5,000 therapy centres worldwide to help smokers quit smoking and live healthier lives through its patented and proven system.

Southern Africa joined this world wide drive in 2011 when the first pilot centre for IQS opened in Windhoek Namibia.  Since then we’ve treated over 1000 smokers and opened 14 IQS centres in the Southern African region.

From April 2015, a second therapy, Easy Slim (ES) will be available with all IQS business operation centres.  Easy Slim assists people who are dependent on food and can not follow a normal healthy diet indefinitely and regain weight just as fast as they lost it.  Based upon the exact same technology as IQS but with different protocol overweight people will finally learn which food to cut out, which are safe to eat, what type of exercise and intensity levels would have best effect and which will be a waste of time while cravings for food is diminished to comfortable levels.

IQS (I Quit Smoking) and ES (Easy Slim) treatments can compliment any existing business in the wellness and beauty industry.  That would add well to Beauty Salons, Wellness Centres, Gymnasiums, SPA’s, Alternative Healing clinics, consultation rooms and the like.  IQS and ES can also add substantial additional income to any Work from Home business.

The single biggest impact a smoker can make on their health would be to quit smoking. The second biggest impact anyone can make would be to be in control of their weight and health through proper eating.

By combining these two therapies into one business a powerful opportunity to take advantage of the two largest trends of the last decade.

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