Smoking Cessation Market

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death world wide, with someone dying every 10 seconds from smoking-related illnesses.

According to the World Health Organization, one-third of the world’s population smokes, which equates to more than 15 billion cigarettes smoked worldwide everyday. These statistics help define I Quit Smoking’s target market of 1.3 billion smokers!

In South Africa 25% of all above 15 years still smoke.  Sadly 27,000 South Africans die annually because of smoking.  Every day more youngsters light up and start a life with smoking which will change when they reach maturity at 28+ years where they will realise there are no benefits from smoking and will start to look for ways to quit.

Despite the various smoking cessation options available to smokers today, they still suffer and struggle to quit.  With IQS it is not necessary to struggle anymore.

IQS offers a proven comfortable method to quit. IQS’ first week’s success rate of up to 90 percent is significantly higher than any other smoking cessation method available worldwide.

The typical IQS customer would be those who “have tried it all” and failed more than once to beat the dependency on Nicotine.  The 20+ cigarettes per day for 15 years+ smokers of both genders are our typical customers.  We daily help smokers quit successfully who have tried the “Cold Turkey”, Sprays, Gums, Patches and failed, then tried prescribed “medicine” which they couldn’t stand……had terrible side effects and gave up.

The IQS treatment works no matter HOW many times you have tried and failed, it doesn’t matter how many a day or how long you have smoked, either!

The IQS R.I.S.E. treatment is SAFE, Natural, NO side effects, Quick, Comfortable and Guaranteed*

With that said, IQS is looking to develop a network of 5,000 centers worldwide to help smokers quit smoking and live healthier lives through its patented and proven system.

Currently there are over 350 IQS centres in over 35 countries with more opening monthly.

The South African IQS (I Quit Smoking) Network is growing FAST with already 10 IQS centres with almost all major cities partially covered with at least ONE IQS treatment centre.  More opportunities in these Cities (up to 4) are still available and many smaller cities and town in rural areas areas are waiting for entrepreneurs..

It is planned to have at least 50 IQS treatment centres in South Africa by 2020

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