Training and Support

Training & Support

From the start up of your new business, we are dedicated to provide comprehensive training and support to new business owners.  Options are a complete DVD and Skype training, on site training or if required a full turn key training program at our professional training center in Windhoek Namibia. Upon completion each graduate receives a qualification certificate as an IQS/ES trained operator.

During this training the business owner and therapists learns about the industry, therapy, implementation and application of our program and can independently operate their business and treat customers successfully.

Key Aspects of IQS training;

1. Scientific training on smoking related challenges and its impact on health.
2. Typical smoker behavior, strengths and weaknesses.
3. Profiling and evaluation the smoker’s readiness to quit.
4. IQS methodology and application.
5. Use of the RISE Quit Smoking equipment and software.
6. Customer aftercare and guidance.
7. Marketing, management and development of a successful IQS centre.

Key Aspects of Easy Slim training;

1. Scientific training on weigh related problems and its impact on health.
2. ES methodology and application.
3. Use of the RISE – Easy Slim equipment and software.
4. DNA profiling (Diet and Exercise Profile)
5. Customer aftercare and guidance.
6. Nutritional Products, advice and support
7. Marketing, management and development of a successful ES centre.

Our experienced team is at your disposal for all aspects of business development and training. We supporting new business owners during the startup phase to ensure immediate success and this is ongoing for as long as the partner requires support.

Our Pilot centres are operated by mentors who owns their own IQS/ES centre and has first hand experience in all aspects to guide our partners at all times.

The Southern African pilot centre has treated over 1000 customers over the last 4 and a half years.  They are experienced in all aspects of the I Quit Smoking and Easy Slim business.

This global support guarantees you complete assistance and creates cooperation between QSI and its partners worldwide.