How to Quit Safely

How to Quit Smoking

I Quit Smoking’s R.I.S.E. (Reflection Instrument Scanning Electro-pulse) technology was developed as a result of the company’s commitment to creating a quick, natural and comfortable program. The IQS therapy takes approximately 1 hour and is administered by an IQS-trained therapist.

The first step is to assess the smoker’s motivation to quit through a variety of physical and psychological tests.

Before starting the first treatment session, the smoker’s personal data (i.e., age, sex, number of years as a smoker, quantity of cigarettes per day, type of tobacco, etc.) is entered into the “No Smoke” software, which personalizes the session.

Once this step is completed, the IQS-trained therapist stimulates the auricles’ (or ear’s) reflex points which are related to smoking with a electro stimulus while the customer remains comfortably seated in the chair.

The R.I.S.E. device is equipped with a LED monitor indicating the path to follow during the treatment, calibrating the personalized sequence of stimuli for each individual subject, with regard to power, duration and frequency of the electric stimulus.

The electrical stimulation helps to block cravings for nicotine by increasing the release of endorphins in the system which calms the smoker and break up the poisonous substances of tobacco accumulated in the organs. This release of endorphins reduce he need for nicotine and blocks the receptors relevant to tobacco addiction, thus reducing the craving for nicotine.