IQS Method is Guaranteed*

The I Quit Smoking method is the result of years of scientific and medical research in the field of auricular therapy which resulted in a patented system featuring the R.I.S.E. technology. Approved by the CE and UL, R.I.S.E. is customized to suit each individual smoker using a pain-free electrical stimulation in the auricles or ear. By stimulating these reflex points in the ear, the smoker loses their desire to smoke.

Included in the IQS treatment course:
Customer assessment, Nicotine dependency evaluation, Carbon Monoxide (CO) smoke check, up to 4(5*) x R.I.S.E. treatments (90% only require 2 – 3 treatments), aftercare coaching, support and a new non smoker “smoke free” kit.

*(Some earlier machines still offer 5 treatments inclusive)

The R.I.S.E. treatment is so effective that after the 1st treatment a very large percentage of our customers don’t “have to” smoke till the next treatment. After the 2nd treatment scheduled 4 to 5 days later the new non smoker is confident enough and can cope extremely well without nicotine. In some occasions the 3rd or even 4th treatment is required. Life is not the same to all and some people are simply not strong enough to remain a non smoker even after quitting, so don’t hesitate, take full advantage of all the treatments and make quitting comfortable and as easy as it can ever be to remain a non smoker. Should you find after 3rd treatment that you are totally OK, the remaining treatment/s remain available for “in case” situations to ensure our customers maintain a smoke free life even when faced with stressful situations.

The IQS Guarantee:
IQS guarantees* that you will be smoke free for at least 6 months. This is based upon your full participation in our program which includes a minimum of 4 treatments as well as your absolute best effort with our continued support.

In the unlikely event a customer, after following our program, completes all 4(5) treatments and still has a desire to smoke, IQS will provide you with another full course of treatments at no cost. IQS will ensure that you are a non smoker as long as the customer is willing to work with the therapist. This is indeed a very rare occurrence (1 in 500).
*A guarantee with terms and conditions will be signed by the therapist and each customer before treatment commences.

Protocol:  The IQS protocol includes a comprehensive consultation,  4(5) inclusive treatments, aftercare and support program.  Although many people quit after the first session, risk is all around, life situations and old habits are tempting.  We believe that a minimum 2, preferably 3 treatments should be booked to ensure that the smoker is comfortable and feel no pressure.  The 4th (5th) therapy may come in handy during the 6 months when a stressful situation or a risky social situation could cause a relapse.  The smoker is always assured of a safety net and that is why we don’t sell at a per treatment, we sell a final solution!

Selling only one or two treatments is not IQS international protocol and unfair to the smoker as it will drastically reduce the success rate to remain a non smoker.

Cost: Each IQS centre may set their own promotions and pricing within certain guidelines. IQS world wide recommends that the value to quit smoking after 1 hour is equal to what a smoker normally spends on 120 packets of 20 cigarettes. During the launch phase in South Africa the cost to quit after just 1 hour is recommended to be equal to the cost of 80 packets of 20 cigarettes.

The average smoker coming to IQS smokes about 20 a day. The IQS treatment works out to less than what such average smoker would spend in the next 2 – 3 months if continued smoking. Since the smoker stops smoking after the first treatment, the saving starts day one.

We have successfully treated customers to quit with the IQS method even if they smoke 40+ a day.
A recent customer who smoked more than 1,000,000 over 57 years (60 a day) managed to be down to ONLY 3 cigarettes without noticeable cravings when he came for his 2nd treatment 3 days later, so why won’t you succeed?

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Some of the immediate benefits of quit smoking with I Quit Smoking R.I.S.E. system includes easier breathing, heightened sensations, increased energy and the halt of pre-mature aging. Naturally your self esteem will soar and the financial burden of buying cigarettes will stop at once.

Since the treatment is totally natural you will experience NO SIDE EFFECTS and there is NO RISK (Only pregnant women in first trimester and people with heart pacemakers can rather not be treated)

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