IQS System & Technology

I Quit Smoking’s R.I.S.E. (Reflection Instrument Scanning Electro-pulse) technology was developed as a result of the company’s commitment to creating a quick, natural and pain-free program. The IQS therapy takes approximately 1 hour per session and is administered by an IQS-trained therapist.

Prior to the 1st R.I.S.E. session,  we assess the smoker’s motivation to quit through a variety of physical and psychological tests.  We will explain why the smoker found it impossible to quit before and why they are not to blame.  How the R.I.S.E. treatment work and why it will work for YOU this time, what to expect and how you will get through it will be clearly explained.

The next step is to enter the smoker’s personal data (i.e., age, gender, number of years as a smoker, quantity of cigarettes per day, type of tobacco, etc.) into the “No Smoke” software, which personalizes the session.

Once this step is completed, the customers sits back and relax while the IQS-trained therapist stimulates the auricles’ (or ear’s) reflex points with an I-Stim.

The R.I.S.E. device is equipped with a LCD monitor which indicates the exact path to follow during the treatment, calibrating the personalized sequence of stimuli for each individual subject, with regard to intensity, duration and frequency of the electric stimulus.  The treatment is adapted to each customer to be comfortable and pain free. Some customers fall asleep.

The electrical stimulation creates the “block” over the craving for nicotine by increasing the release of endorphins in the system. This release of endorphins calms receptors relevant to tobacco addiction, thus reducing the craving for nicotine for up to 6 days to leave the new non smoker calm and comfortable.  The R.I.S.E. treatment also initiate the break up the poisonous substances of tobacco accumulated in the organs over the years to clean out and start the repair process.

(This is something very few other cessation methods do!)

A second treatment on day 4 to 7 will extend the cover for another couple of days by which time the ex smoker has broken the hold of nicotine. A vast majority of smokers manage to remain smoke free after the therapy.  In some cases it requires a third or even fourth treatment to create a safety net to prevent relapse in challenging times.

Subsequent treatments during the 6 months may be required based upon the customer’s life situations.  Relapse prevention is another area where the IQS system stands out above all other methods.  With the IQS safety net, many ex-smokers who are challenged will mange to work through life situations to remain smoke free.

IQS authentic treatment is GUARANTEED* to work for everyone and is based upon your full participation in our program.

The IQS protocol includes a comprehensive consultation,  4 inclusive treatments, aftercare and support program.  (Earlier RISE Equipment has 5 treatments available of which 3 should be take initially to ensure the smoker remain comfortable and smoke free)

Although many people quit after the first session, risk is all around, life situations and old habits are tempting.  We recommend that a minimum 2, preferably 3 treatments should be booked initially to ensure that the smoker is comfortable and feel no pressure.  The forth (or fifth) therapy may come in handy during the 6 months when a stressful situation or a risky social situation could cause a relapse.  The smoker is always assured of a safety net and that is why we don’t sell at a per treatment, we sell a final solution!

Buying in singles or only two treatments is not the authentic IQS international protocol and unfair to you, the smoker as it will not yield the desired results and therefore can not be guaranteed.

Your success is our business, so book an appointment today to become a NON smoker through the IQS treatment.