New Business Model

I Quit Smoking business with added Easy Slim

By adding the Easy Slim technology to the highly successful I Quit Smoking concept, the dual business model has changed to an independent operation with a dual income stream. The new model requires lower input investment, has a lower recurring cost with more flexibility than the franchise model. The a dual income stream, lower input capital improves the profitability.

Free from ongoing management, marketing and royalty fees, the independent business owners’ overheads are drastically reduced.

In almost any family there are either smokers trying (again and again) to quit, overweight people trying (again and again) to lose  weight, or both.  Helping just one person in a large family to succeed comfortably, eventually results in the rest of them calling for appointments some time in the future.  Some of our customers take up to a year to finally make an appointment and they always say they kept an eye on a friend, colleague or family member, but they are not smoking gain, so please book me.

More than 40% of our customers comes from word of mouth due to the success they see.

The new independent business owner will acquire leading edge patented technology which will provide unparalleled success.  The comprehensive training program, ongoing support and automated customer care systems are all based on a proven plan and protocol developed over the last 40 years by worlds leaders in the fields of neuro science and alternative healing.  The combination of this guarantees customer success.

Happy customers, happy business owner!

The IQS/ES therapy centre can be successfully operated from a home, a small business premises, inside a wellness centre, spa, medical facility, or any other suitable facility.  The new equipment is mobile and small groups to large corporate businesses can be serviced within a radius of 20 – 50 kilometers.

Return on investments is 6-12 months.  Earning money while changing peole’s lives for the better is a privilege.

To become a business partner visit our application page and fill out the form, submit to secure your chance.  APPLY HERE.