Do You Know?

Do you know...

When you stop smoking, the following health benefits will happen:

20 Minutes Your blood pressure, heart rate & pulse rate returns to normal
Your body temperature of hands & feet returns to normal
8 Hours Your carbon monoxide level in blood drops to normal
Your chance of heart attack decreases
Your oxygen level in blood returns to normal
24 Hours Your carbon monoxide is cleared from your body
48 Hours Your nerve endings start growing again
Your sense of smell and taste begin to improve
2 Weeks – 3 Months Your circulation improves
Walking becomes easier
Your lung function can increase up to 30%
1-9 Months Coughing, sinus congestion, fatigue, and shortness of breath problems improves
Cilia grow again in your lungs and the ability to handle mucus increases
Lungs are getting cleaner and the chance of getting infection decreases
Your body’s overall energy increases
1 Year Risk of coronary heart disease is 50% of a smoker
5 Years Death rate of lung cancer for an average former smoker decreases almost 50% (Assume smoke 1 pack per day)
10 Years Death rate of lung cancer ~ a non-smoker
Risk of all cigarette-related cancers continues to decrease
15 Years Risk of coronary heart disease = a non-smoker

The sooner you quit, the lesser the chance of getting cancer & other smoking-related diseases!