Frequently Asked Questions

What is deemed smoke free: Being smoke free means that the smoker does not smoke or require nicotine.

What is meant with Quit Smoking:  (Wikipedia) Smoking cessation (colloquially quitting smoking) is the process of discontinuing tobacco smoking.

Tobacco contains nicotine, which is addictive.[1]

What is meant with Addiction: (Wikipedia) Addiction is a state defined by compulsive engagement in naturally rewarding behavior or compulsive drug use, despite adverse consequences;[4] it can be thought of as a disease or biological process leading to such behaviors.[6]

What kind of treatment is IQS – R.I.S.E.?

The IQS – R.I.S.E. treatment is based on auriculotherapy utilising unique modulated electro impulses to stimulate specific points on the external part of both ears defined by scientific research and many years of acupuncture to be related to nicotine addiction. Every point is a nervous reflex in relation to an organ or a gland of the body.

This treatment uses the principles of acupuncture but without using needles and is non invasive. A soft electro impulse stimulation do the work and it is very effective.

Why the ear?

All parts of the body are represented by these specified reflex points in the external ear and forms a true atlas of the human body.  The R.I.S.E. therapeutic method is an elaboration of the research of Doctor Paul F.M. Nogier.

Dr. Nogier’s research was done on excitation of certains points in the outer ear lobe (Auricle) by means of mechanical or electromagnetic stimulation with the goal tho correct functional or organic problems in the human body.

Electro Stimulation, exactly what is it?

It is a soft (Micro) current of which the function is to stimulate the nerve plexus in precise points by microvibrations to excite or stimulate the nerve endings and ahs advantages over accupuncture, magnetic or light stimulation.

With electro impuls stimulation the accuracy is quite easy which results in much higher success rate compared to the probability of missing one as may occur with the use of needles in acupuncture.

The electro impulses are generated from software and microprocessor control and is easily adapted for personalised program based upon each smokers own profile and situation.

The concentrated complex modulated electro pulses are designed to vibrate at an identical frequency of the human cells and creates a tuning fork effect which excites the targeted nerve endings without pain.

Does it really help to quit smoking?

The auriculotherapy treatment has been applied and perfected over the last 13 years in order to provide an optimal result for those who want to quit smoking. The treatment takes about 45 minutes, is comfortable and leaves NO undesired SIDE EFFECTS. This treatment will block your craving to smoke or consume nicotine while controlling your stress. Moreover, it will also help control your appetite during the cessation phase, so there should be no weight gain.

So is it 100% effective?

Not totally, but NO method, product or system is!
Up to 90% of our customers find the IQS treatment effective.

Our experience is that if a smoker is really serious, a very high success rate is certain.

It is true, and our customers testifies to that, that the treatment delivers the physical relief which is very important the break the addiction but the smoker will have a personal amount of work to do to control old habits.
If you to really want to quit smoking, then you will be one of the success stories.

So the treatment method is incomplete?

Even this method could be incomplete if the smoker has not really decided to quit.  This clear when the smoker is under pressure from other people to quit.

People also have a life outside in which we at IQS don’t have any control. At IQS we give a lot of support and guidance how to manage the outside world and if the customer follow our advice, they will be one of the success stories who find is easy to quit and remain smoke free.

Considering that our customers are mostly those who have “Tried it ALL!” and failed, we are achieving fantastic success.  Almost 70% of our customers tried medication, tablets etc and they experienced mood swings, nausea, headaches, depression and many more.  On average our customers have tried to quit 3 times before and failed.  With IQS R.I.S.E. a vaery high percentage of those achieved success and can’t believe how quick it works.

The IQS treatment, together with the coaching and support given is more than enough to assist Smokers who want to quit to succeed, no matter how long or how much they smoke.  It doesn’t even matter how many times you tried to quit and failed to achieve final success with IQS method.

After the treatment, the IQS Centres offer a follow-up support service 6 days a week and also some support products.
Included are 5 R.I.S.E. treatments sessions of which the first 2 are really required.
Less than 10% of the ex-smokers would require more than 2 treatments.

Further, support treatments are available at no cost if required under some conditions which are indicated in the written guarantee given at the end of the first treatment session.

Can I only buy 1 or 2 treatments?

NO!  Our experience proves that to succeed you need to give yourself the best chance, make it as easy as possible and you need a safety net.  After 2 treatments many customers are indeed smoke free and enjoy the new life.  Howeer many experiences challenges or “trauma” in life and if there is no safety net, relapse within first 3 months is always possible.  Having treatments available at NO extra cost can save YOU and will keep you a non smoker.  After reaching month 4 – 6 you will be able to weather life’s challenges and protect you non smoking status at all costs.  Then you are truely FREE.

How do I know that it works?

The treatment protocol of the IQS Centres has been developed and improved over a 12 year period and the statistics show that up to 90% of smokers quit permanently and never light up again. The urge and desire to smoke ceases which is what all smokers and their families want.

Afterall, we have treated thousands, 500,000 people quit with IQS and in Sounthern Africa, our IQS pilot centre has treated over 600 customers, many of them smoke free for more than a year now.

No Side effects and safe, really!

Absolutely, after treating 500,000 people in many countries the IQS method has not caused any undesired side effects.  The customer treated may experience a buzz, sleepiness and calmness within 1 hour of treatment.

And what about those who start smoking again?

There are some who start up again and they are divided into three categories :

1 – Employees forced by their employer to be treated to quit
(Yet up to 60% remain non-smokers with the first treatment anyway).

2 – Customers who may experience situations of great stress in the first year following their treatment (death of a spouse, bankruptcy, loss of employment, painful separations, etc.) and who do not phone IQS to get a support treatment but opt for the worst of short term (perceived) relief….. nicotine!

3 – Those on medication during IQS treatment that reduces or controls hormone production or endorphine specifically and did not tell the IQS therapist who could have adapted the program accordingly.

Efficacy studies revealed:

– 70% of the customers get an immediate result which improves over next 3 days and don’t have to smoke again.
– 20% of the customers must have a good night’s sleep to get the results which improves over next 3 days of which many don’t smoke again.
– The less fortunate 10% (because of slower glands, medication delaying the full effect of the treatment, menstrual cycle) will benefit a bit later and obtain the maximum results in 3 to 5 days. They may not be able to stay away from smoking but can control to no more than 10% of what they used to smoke.  For many a 40 a day smoker, just to manage comfortably with only 5 a day till 2nd therapy is already an amazing result.

A second treatment boosts and prolongs the result, customers find it easy not to smoke and some even forget about it.
A 3rd treatment is required by those few who did smoke after 1st or 2nd treatment.
In rare occasions a 4th treatment is required id the smoker ceased after 1st therapy and followed our program.

A 5th treatment is almost never required unless the customer “made a mistake” but the remaining therapies included can save them.

Are there other treatments / clinics around like yours?

Not really! Certain clinics provide laser treatments, but they do not offer a global treatment and are not specialized in nicotine addiction. There are some other clinics who also do some “electro” treatment, however they treat just a few points and the treatment is not personalised for the individual and it is just a part of their bigger business.  No proper customer follow up is done and NO GUARANTEE* can be given.

IQS is a UNIQUE TREATMENT which is personalised for you, includes free coaching, free support treatments valid up to 6 months and is performed by certified therapists only.
IQS treatment is guaranteed.   (Terms and conditions apply)
IQS is the only network who specializes in quit smoking and has more than 13 years experience in more than 50 countries world wide.

What about the other kinds of treatment available?

Other treatments have been around for decades and you may have already tried one or more?

All other methods take a lot of effort and you struggle for days or weeks!

IQS works on DAY ONE!

We have prepared a comparative list of some methods available on the market.

World Wide success after one year
– Acupuncture (laser or needles) 25%
– Patches/Gums with medical follow-up; 16,4%
– On your own without any medication Medical follow-up (cold turkey); 15.6%
– Medication – with medical follow-up; 30.3%

(Almost 90% of all our customers who comes to IQS mentioned that they tried the medication,NRT’s and cold turkey and had a very bad experience, could not continue because of side effects, bad taste, struggle, anxiety, etc)